Safe Driving Apps For Your Phone

May 19, 2024

By Promoting Justice

Smartphones are one of the leading causes of distracted driving, and distracted driving is one of the main causes of wrecks. However, safe driving apps may help a person to be a better driver—or at least a less distracted driver by removing the temptation to text and drive or monitoring the driver’s behavior. Not all safe driving apps are created equally, and, even if you use a safe driving app, there are still other drivers on the road to consider. If you have been injured in a car accident in Vermont, New Hampshire, or Florida and suspect distracted driving may have been the cause, consider contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer from Shillen Mackall Seldon & Spicer by calling (802) 457-4848 to schedule a free consultation.

What Is a Safe Driving App?

A safe driving app is one that can restrict a driver’s phone usage while he or she is operating a motor vehicle. The app can make certain functions operate only through voice commands. Other safe driving app features can track driving, noting habits that could make the driver unsafe or ways the driver can be better focused. Some safe driving apps are designed exclusively for teens, a demographic that is much more likely to text and drive than others, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What Is the Best App To Use While Driving?

The most appropriate app to help keep a driver safe behind the wheel may depend on the driver’s goals. The following apps may be useful to help restrict phone usage:

  • DriveMode (available for Android or Apple): This app allows drivers to operate their phones using only voice commands for navigation, making or denying phone calls, reading and answering text messages, or playing audio media on demand. The app also replaces the normal phone display with large color-coded buttons that are easier to see at a glance.
  • TrueMotion Family (available for Android or Apple): Parents can track the driving behavior of anyone in the family with this app. The app records how many times each driver exceeds the speed limit, performs an illegal driving maneuver, or makes an unsafe stop. TrueMotion provides driving improvement tips customized for each driver and offers cash and prizes for good drivers using a points system.
  • Drive Smart (available for Android or Apple): This app can send calls to voicemail, mute notifications from other apps, and send automated replies that the user is driving and cannot respond. Parents can use a remote locking feature to lock a teen driver’s phone and receive a notification if the phone’s user disables the feature.

What Is the Best App To Prevent Texting While Driving?

LifeSaver (available for Android or Apple) removes all distractions for drivers by detecting when the car is in motion and locking all features on the phone. Parents can enter a lock code in the app, which a teen driver cannot disable. The app sends a text message or an email to the parent when the driver reaches his or her destination, providing extra peace of mind for parents and accountability for teen drivers.

Each safe driving app offers a unique set of features, and the various apps available offer varying degrees of user-friendliness. To determine the one that is most suitable for your family and needs, you may need to try a few different apps.

Are Safe Driving Apps Worth It?

Parents who enjoy peace of mind from ensuring that their teen drivers are not using their phones irresponsibly behind the wheel can attest to the value of these apps. People who spend the majority of their day behind the wheel may also appreciate features like an auto-reply for texts.

An app that facilitates voice commands while driving can also be very useful. With the convenience of being able to dictate navigation destinations, queue up a favorite podcast or playlist, and even answer a message, drivers of all ages and skills can benefit.

Can a Safe Driving App Prevent an Accident?

A safe driving app that reduces distractions for drivers behind the wheel can reduce the chances of an accident. The CDC reports that about 424,000 people were injured in a distracted-driving car crash in 2019, and a further 3,100 people lost their lives. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports 3,308 deaths and up to 290,000 injuries from distracted driving accidents in 2022.

Reducing distractions can make a driver less likely to cause an accident and help keep the driver alert to others on the road who are behaving negligently or driving recklessly. When a driver is not distracted by a phone, that driver may be more aware of indications that a vehicle is going to change lanes without looking or signaling or that a pedestrian is about to step into traffic. If you are involved in a collision, an accident attorney from Shillen Mackall Seldon & Spicer may be able to help you get compensation from the responsible party. The data from a safe driving app may also help prove the cause of the crash and indicate the other driver’s negligence.

Can I Save Money on Car Insurance With a Safe Driving App?

Depending on the insurance carrier, a driver may be able to save anywhere from 10% to 30% on monthly premiums by using a safe driving app. An insurance company-sponsored safe driving application can track data about where the driver goes, the driver’s speed, and sudden stops or illegal maneuvers. Some insurance carriers, however, may penalize policyholders for consistently poor driving. Drivers may see increased rates if their insurance carrier determines that they are unsafe drivers.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Today

Even when using a safe driving app, following all traffic laws, and focusing on road safety, a driver may still be involved in a collision. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Vermont, New Hampshire, or Florida, caused by driver negligence or distracted driving, consider contacting a personal injury attorney at Shillen Mackall Seldon & Spicer by calling (802) 457-4848 today to schedule a consultation.