Safe Driving Tips for the Busy Autumn Months in Vermont

October 16, 2017

By Promoting Justice

Vermont and New Hampshire are known for their autumn season, featuring vibrant colors and gorgeous vistas. Tourists from all around the country and Canada flock to the region for a relaxing vacation that cannot be replicated anywhere else. While this influx of autumnal tourism is good for the states’ economies, it is not great for the states’ roadways.

Tourists will be driving everywhere, looking for the best places to see scenic views or just driving in circles trying to remember where their hotel is located. Increased traffic, especially in quiet towns that may have only 1,000 or so residents, increases the likelihood of car crashes. To stay safe and avoid preventable collisions, please remember the following:

  1. Slow down: When there are many motorists on the road, slow down slightly to allow yourself more reaction time if the unexpected occurs. Drive the speed limit, or even consider driving five miles per hour under it. Do not, however, drive so slow that it interferes with traffic flow, as this could result in a citation or even create a dangerous situation
  2. Caution at intersections: Tourists will not know the usual traffic flow, especially around uncontrolled intersections. Whenever you come to a stop or yield sign or see a yellow light ahead, use extra caution and keep an eye out for vehicles that do not seem to be reacting appropriately to the situation.
  3. Nighttime driving safety: Although “leaf peepers” typically are not “party animals,” the number of intoxicated drivers may increase, especially at night. Be extra cautious and on the lookout for erratic driving.
  4. Parking lot problems: A surprising number of collisions occur in parking lots. Parking lots that normally are not busy can become busy during tourist season, especially grocery stores and mini-marts. Consider parking in distant corners of a parking lot to avoid people pulling in and out of spots in a rush.
  5. Roadside service: If you do not already subscribe to some sort of roadside service, you may want to consider doing so. Many of the best places to see autumn leaves are along less-populated highways. If your car breaks down on one of these highways, it may be difficult to find help. If you are visiting the area for season, make sure you have a number for towing handy.

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No matter how safely you drive or how many tips you remember, there is always a chance a negligent driver will blindside you and cause serious injuries. If this happens to you while touring Vermont and New Hampshire during the autumn season, Shillen Mackall Seldon & Spicer Law Office and our team of Vermont and New Hampshire car crash attorneys can be contacted for reliable, experienced, and friendly legal services. Our number is 802-457-4848.